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Behrouz KHANMOHAMMADI and Roberto DAN. — The Mergavar Plain in the west of Orumiyeh, which is surrounded by mountains and hills, is largely an uncharted land, intact and still almost archaeologically unknown in Iran, although it contains many valuable cultural-historical works…
Qal’eh Takht/Nanas. A fortress and rock-cut chamber in the Lake Orumiyeh Basin, Iran
Keomars Haji MOHAMADI, Behrouz Khan MOHAMADI, Roberto DAN. — The Kija Kerchal Cave should be considered, after Ispahbad Ḵᵛoršīd, the most important inhabited cave in the Savadkooh Province. This cave, located in a very isolated position on a side of the Mount Serkhel, preserves important architectural remains, as artificial terrace, stair and traces of walls and wooden beams…
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by Keomars Haji MOHAMADI, Behrouz Khan MOHAMADI, Roberto DAN. — This article describes two recently discovered rock-cut structures in Qushchi, Islamic Republic of Iran, a place already known for a hoard of objects discovered in the beginning of 20th century AD…
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