Great Ape Encounters
ISBN: 978-2-87457-069-8
190 pages
2013 (Out of print)
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Great Ape Encounters

The ultimate guide to watching Great Apes in the world Over 60 locations described in details, in Africa and South-East Asia

Great Apes are among the most popular animals on the planet. They enjoy the sympathy of millions of people around the world, and many of us dream of watching the fascinating creatures in their natural habitats. Yet, observing great apes in the wild often remains unpredictable, due to the shy nature of the fascinating and impressive creatures, the dense forest cover, and the remoteness of many locations…

Great Ape Encounters is the first comprehensive guidebook describing in details all locations where watching great apes in the wild is possible with a fair chance of success, both in Africa and South-East Asia. It is undoubtedly the most complete guidebook specifically devoted to great ape observation: a wealth of up-to-date – and even unpublished – information put together for the first time in a single publication.

Besides the locations where free-living great apes can be observed, the guidebook also depicts all great ape rehabilitation centers – or sanctuaries – open to the public in Africa and South-East Asia and where highly-motivated great ape enthusiasts can get actively involved in the welfare of the animals by volunteering.

The book is completed by a comprehensive list of organizations, associations and institutions devoted to the conservation of great ape species in the world: an unrivaled wealth of information and references…

Great Ape Encounters is the ultimate guidebook for all those who are fascinated by our closest relatives in the Animal Kingdom and who wish to observe them in their natural world or get involved in their active conservation.

The Author

A Belgian-born naturalist, Bernard De WETTER has been professionally involved in wildlife conservation projects in all four corners of the world for more than two decades. His activities have been focusing more specifically on wildlife tourism for the last few years. He helped develop structures and activities of respectful and sustainable nature tourism aimed at promoting the conservation of wildlife species and/or wilderness areas, mostly in Africa and Europe. He is also a prolific author of numerous books on wildlife and nature topics (in his mother language, French).
Currently living part of the year in Eastern Africa, he personally visited most of the locations on the African continent described in the guidebook, and worked at several of them: in the Gambia, Congo (at the time known as Zaïre), Burundi and Rwanda (where he was in charge of anti-poaching operations at Volcanoes National Park in the second half of the 1980’s). He also visited many locations in South-East Asia described in the guidebook, as a professional nature tour guide.
He is currently working as an international free-lance consultant in wildlife conservation and nature tourism development, a professional nature tour guide, a naturalist author, lecturer, illustrator and translator.


First Part. Background
- Introduction
- Great Apes in the World
- Benefits and Limits of Great Ape Tourism
- Great Ape Orphanages
- Volunteering for Great Apes

Second Part. Locations
- How to Use the Guidebook?
- General Rules of Conduct when Watching Great Apes

- Associations, organizations, institutions
- Other useful contacts

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